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  • Leasing of production machinery
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  • Leasing of road-building, municipal and specialized machinery

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About the Company

Leasing is a start of Your business!

JSC Astana Finance Leasing Company actively operates on the leasing market over five years and provides entire range of specialized services to legal entities operating in large, medium and small businesses, and to individual entrepreneurs on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The top strategy of the Company is satisfaction of its clients’ needs connected with modernization of material and technical base of an enterprise using leasing mechanism.

The Company is interested in effective development of Your business and thus it proposes a solution which allows maximum use of advantages of leasing such as efficiency, reliability, simplicity, convenient use and execution of leasing which make it easy and available. You will obtain a perfect instrument for development of Your business. Thanks to leasing You will have opportunity to modernize and purchase new machinery and equipment and use in Your business only modern production facilities

Each client – from individual entrepreneur to large-scale industrial enterprise- will be provided with individual attention to their problems, effective solution of almost every issue connected with business dealing, professional and unique practical experience in realization of leasing operations.

The distinctive feature of the JSC Astana Finance Leasing Company is a high level of professionalism, great practical experience, wide range of ways of leasing transactions’ realization, diversity of additional services. And the evidence of all these features is a portfolio of realized leasing projects.

JSC Astana Finance Leasing Company provides a wide range of leasing services:

You may find useful information about activity of our Company at this website.

The goal of this website is demonstration of transparency and high effectiveness of Company’s activities, determination of future plans and attraction of interested parties for cooperation.

Besides a high level of professionalism and creative approach we also need self-confidence for realization of plans and we are confident in our success as well as our clients are confident in us!

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