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Leasing of agricultural machinery and equipment

Agricultural machinery — technical means used for automation of certain processes in the sphere of agricultural sector. Purchasing of agricultural machinery usually requires big financial investments.


Relevance of agricultural machinery leasing is caused by extremely worn-out machinery, equipment, facilities in villages; high price of new similar machinery which uses modern resource and water saving technologies; cash inflow seasonality of enterprises – producers of agricultural products.

JSC Astana Finance Leasing Company proposes advantageous offers of machinery and equipment leasing for enterprises in agricultural sphere.

You can obtain quality machinery and significant financial benefits after leasing execution:

  • Soil treatment machinery:
    • ploughs
    • cultivators
    • harrows
  • Seeding machinery:
    • seeding machine complexes
    • seed planters
    • potato planters
  • Harvesting machinery:
    • grain combine harvesters
    • fodder combine harvesters
    • baling machines
    • cutting machines
  • Spraying machines
  • Equipment:
    • grain cleaning
    • drying apparatus
    • mill machine complexes
    • grain storage machine complexes
  • other.

JSC Astana Finance Leasing Company has experience of cooperation with leading producers and suppliers of different imported and Russian machinery which will help You to obtain agricultural machinery leasing on beneficial conditions.

The Company provides machinery of the world leading manufacturing companies: John Deere (USA), Claas (Germany), Case New Holland (Belgium), Lemken (Germany), BRАNDT (Canada), Bourgault (Canada), PA MTW «Minsk Tractor Works», OJSC Rosselmash, JSC Kharkov Tractor Works (Urkaine), DonMAR (Kazakhstan) and others.

Using the leasing model You can obtain necessary machinery without redeployment of significant amounts of Your own assets for such purchase. Flexible amortization schedules are developed individually for each client with consideration for seasonality of works. Payment of remuneration and principal amount of a debt can be made in any time but not less than one time per year.


Basic conditions

Agricultural machinery and equipment

Amount of initial installment

from 15% of the Leasing Subject cost

Term of leasing

3 years

Rate of remuneration

6 months Libbor +11,535 % of annual income

One-time remuneration

1% of the Leasing Subject cost

Currency of the contract

Tenge, with indexation rate to USD/Euro

Repayment period

1 time per a year

To lease machinery and equipment You need to prepare the package of documents, fill out the leasing application and we will consider Your inquiry promptly.

Available machinery:

Commercial proposal for a grain tank
Commercial proposal for a tractor-drawn spraying machine


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