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Leasing of road-building, municipal and specialized machinery

Nowadays there realized a state program of forced industrial and innovation development of the RK which is a basis of development of favourable economic situation in our country, increase of investments, development of regions. The demand is formed due to increase of construction activities and a high extent of wear of road-building machinery in Kazakhstan. The particularity of construction sector is that there often required a simultaneous operation of machinery at several construction sites or a prompt setting of such machinery into operation without deployment of current assets. As a rule, delays of production and nonobservance of construction schedules result in breach of obligations by construction companies and such reputation risks are inacceptable in any field of activities.


Reformation of municipal housing economies is one of priorities of the country. Programs approved at state, regional and municipal levels are first of all aimed at increase of effectiveness, stability and reliability of operation of municipal housing economies; increase of quality of municipal housing services; attraction of investments in municipal housing sector.

Realization of abovementioned activities is impossible without state and private partnership, active involvement of small and medium businesses in this sphere and active use of leasing as well.

JSC Astana Finance Leasing Company provides financing of high-priority measures for modernization, reconstruction and technical re-equipment of the fixed assets.

JSC Astana Finance Leasing Company provides the leasing of:

  • Asphalt laying machines;
  • Automobile cranes and caterpillar cranes;
  • Motor graders;
  • Tipping trucks;
  • Crusher machines;
  • Excavating machinery;
  • Bulldozers;
  • Loading machines;
  • Drilling and crane machines;
  • Garbage collectors;
  • Snow removing machines;
  • Snow loaders;
  • Water carriers
  • Fire machines;
  • Others.

The Company has experience of road-building machinery supply cooperation with the world leading producers: «KAMAZ» (Russia), «MAZ» (Belarus), «NEFAZ» (Russia), «Hyundai» (South Korea), «XCMG» (China), «МКСМ» (Belarus), etc.


Basic conditions

Road-building machinery

Amount of initial installment

from 15% of the Leasing Subject cost

Term of leasing

3 years

Rate of remuneration

6 months Libbor +11,535 % of annual income

One-time remuneration

1% of the Leasing Subject cost

Currency of the contract

Tenge, with indexation rate to USD/Euro

Repayment period

1 time per a year

To lease machinery and equipment You need to prepare the package of documents, fill out the leasing application and we will consider Your inquiry promptly.

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